Volunteering activities

Central to the vision of the HESEG foundation is having the scholars as social leaders, entrepreneurs in spirit and being contributing members of the Israel society.


Those who receive the scholarship of the HESEG foundation are required to volunteer and give back to Israeli society through one of the three volunteering or entrepreneurship pathways. 

Social Involvement

This pathway offers scholars to volunteer with NFP’s and other organizations that work in unison with HESEG.

This volunteering program is based on the needs of the specific organization:


  • ‘Ruach Nechona (The right spirit)’

  • ‘Ach Hagadol (Big brother)’

  • ‘The Michael Levine center’

  • ‘Mashlimim Lechinuch (Complementary education)’

  • ‘Latet (To give)’

  • ‘Nefesh B’nefesh’


Social Leadership

Volunteering with ‘HESEG Tzair (HESEG Youth)’. The program is designed to support teenagers in boarding schools before they enter the big world after school.


‘HESEG Tzair’ accompany the students from year 11-12, providing them with useful skills for dealing with day-to-day encounters. Simultaneously, the program aims to strengthen the students and increase their own self esteem through social entrepreneurship, contribution and mentoring by the HESEG volunteers.


‘HESEG Tzair’ is currently active in 6 boarding schools dispersed across the country.


The program is suitable for HESEG volunteers with lots of motivation and desire to give to these communities through their own experiences as lone soldiers.


Social Entrepreneurship

This pathway includes training for the next generation of social entrepreneurs by providing tools and methodologies for leading entrepreneurships and social businesses.


The program offers participants practical experience in starting up social entrepreneurships as a base to maintain social work within the community.


The most prominent and impressive social ideas and initiatives will be chosen to actualize within the realms of the foundation.


This pathway speaks to scholars with a passion for social action and for the world of entrepreneurship that are looking to obtain a set of skills in order to have an effective impact.

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