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HESEG Foundation. Foundation for academic scholarships for qualified applicants and former lone soldiers.

HESEG Foundation (HESEG) provides full academic scholarships and living expenses to qualified applicants. Preference will be given to candidates who are recognized by HESEG as lone soldiers, who have come to Israel to volunteer in the IDF. These remarkable individuals leave their families and friends behind, and are driven by their ideals and commitment to Israel’s security and future and have chosen to study in Israel and to make it their home.
HESEG also encourages applicants from minority groups such as Ethiopian and Druse students.
HESEG (which means “achievement” in Hebrew), was established by Canadians Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman as a way to recognize successful applicants by providing them with an opportunity to start a life in Israel through education and career development.

“These young men and women have contributed so much to Israel, it is only natural that a helping hand be extended to them, to give them support, a hug and the knowledge that there is a caring family behind them. It is very important that they know that their future, and home, is secure here, in Israel. HESEG encourages them to aspire to excellence and achievement in their chosen fields.” (Gerry Schwartz, O.C.)
The HESEG Scholarship program focuses on nurturing leadership and motivating achievement in the academic world, and in broader Israeli society. Scholars are required to maintain a high academic level and contribute to their community through weekly volunteer work.
All candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a retired IDF soldier and have completed mandatory service.
  • Must be enrolled in a recognized academic institution. Preference is given to government-funded institutions.
  • Must enroll in full time academic studies within two years of completing military service.
  • Must successfuly complete the application process, which includes personal interviews and references.
  • Preference will given to candidates who are recognized by HESEG as lone soldiers who have no family or support system to ease their academic opportunity to attend full-time university studies.

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